Yil Verdeja Profile at Philips Internship

Hi There!

My name is Yil Verdeja and I am a quirky Engineer who loves to explore the outdoors. I am a philomath with a peripatetic lifestyle and I am involved with things that constantly challenge me.

I am in Hong Kong! If you’d like to talk, get some boba, go on a hike or work on a project, feel free to message me at yilverdeja@gmail.com or through linkedin. :)

I'm available!



BS Double major in ECE and RBE with a minor in CS from WPI,
Honors with High Distinction,
GPA 3.93 / 4

HS Diploma from SAS,
GPA 4.1 / 4.5


Learn Cantonese fluently and work in Hong Kong

Become a part time freelancer as an Engineer

Partake in research that combines robotics and neuroscience!


I am a Dominican-Belgian TCK and have lived in up to 8 countries

My favourite place so far is Vietnam

My main hobbies are hiking, volleyball, and programming

Work Experience

Embedded Software Engineer

Ampd Energy

September 2021 - January 2023

I am responsible for developing embedded software for the Enertainer energy storage system. In addition, I am automating the many processes in the field engineering team so that they can access and be able to interpret the data directly without relying on the support of external teams.

  • Supporting the production and maintenance of the product
  • Creating test plans and testing the Enertainer with new Fimrware releases every quarter
  • Testing and developing in-house software tools for field, electrical and test engineers
  • Developing webapps for customers to access the product using Javascript, VueJS and the Google Cloud Platform
  • Providing technical documentation of software solutions for both internal and external use

Software Engineer Intern

Ampd Energy

March 2021 - September 2021

I was responsible for supporting on-going development of the Enertainer energy storage system.

  • Developed in-house tools for the field engineers to access information from the Enertainer
    • Built a more efficient data-logging process that facilitated and simplified the setup procedure for the field engineers
    • Developed a configuration management tool to read and change parameters of the Enertainer in order to troubleshoot it easily on-site and remotely
    • Developed a new method to easily upload and download configuration files during testing and troubleshooting
  • Developed in-house tools for the electrical engineering, data science and sales team to support their projects and ease data gathering and analysis processes
  • Developed a web application with Javascript, VueJS and the Google Cloud Platform in order to easily retrieve, download, and analyze Enertainer data for troubleshooting
  • Assisted the field engineers in maintaining the Enertainer by diagnosing the root causes of errors and recommending solutions to fix it on-site
  • Developed an external watchdog timer on the HT68F002 8-bit MCU using C
  • Wrote clear documentation to minimize miscommunication between the software and field engineering teams when providing user guides and reference manuals

Online Coding Instructor


June - September 2020

I was responsible for teaching kids between the ages of 8 to 13 how to code by doing project-based courses in game and app development.

  • Taught five project-based courses in game development (Minecraft, Roblox, and Scratch) and app development (MIT App Inventor) to 10 classes of up to four students aged 8 to 13.
  • Designed two curricula of 12 classes (with slides and projects) to teach students about Bootstrap and NodeJS.

Test Engineer Intern


July 2019 - March 2020

I was responsible for continuous improvement on the sensor nodes vibration measurement capabilities, for building a machine to simulate faults and for filming an installation video for the AiSight node

  • Managed the deployment of nodes:
    • Assembled, tested and deployed up to 50 sensor nodes
    • Created a quality control process to test the functionality of each node before installing them in a factory
  • Built a machine to simulate faults:
    • Created and assembled a machine with up to 5 unique faults by coupling an AC motor to a custom-made water pump system
    • Used the simulation machine to test the node’s hardware and software capabilities in detecting when a fault occurs and in predicting when a fault will damage the machine
  • Created an arduino-controlled variable frequency drive (VFD)
    • Built a 2-layer PCB using EAGLE to control the speed of a single phase AC motor on the simulation machine
  • Improved the sensor nodes vibration measurement capabilities:
    • Completed various automated tests with the Analog Discovery 2 (AD2) and by comparing the sensor’s output signal with the measurements on the oscilloscope
    • Determined the best mounting method to fix the sensors to the machines
    • Researched, analyzed and determined the best materials to use to transmit vibrations to the sensor node
  • Directed and produced an installation video that will be used as a reference to a professionally done video.
  • Set up an environment to do testing on the mechanical shaker
    • Researched and obtained a mechanical shaker to meet the testing needs of the node
    • Created an automated testing procedure with the AD2 to test the node and collect data using a frequency sweep
    • Built an insulation box to contain the high frequency sounds of the mechanical shaker
  • Managed the lab and its inventory
  • Participated in daily SCRUM meetings and interviewed potential employees

Electrical Engineer Intern

Philips, Connected Sensing

May - August 2018

I was responsible for creating a circuit board for testing the electronics and firmware of the Philips wearable biosensor

  • Designed a test fixture PCA for a wearable biosensor using the DipTrace schematic capture and PCB layout tool
  • Produced and maintained documentation on the electrical specification requirements and verification protocols of the test fixture PCA, and authored a report on how to test the wearable biosensor for internal defibrillation
  • Populated multiple test fixture PCB's and troubleshooted each board to verify its functionality

Electrical Engineer Senior Tutor


March 2018 - May 2019

I was responsible for teaching, mentoring and advising students in the ECE2010 and ECE2019 courses in WPI.

  • Worked as a senior tutor in the ECE2010 (D18, D19) and ECE2019 (A18, C19) course to teach and mentor students in introductory electrical engineering concepts through lab, tutoring and homework
  • Maintained labs, advised in help sessions and grading

Notable Projects

Nobi: Wildfire Detection & Prevention Sensor

Wildfires in the United States have always been devastating. Due to the increase of wildfires in California in 2017, our team designed and created the Nobi: a sensor to help detect and prevent wildfires.

Relative Pitch Video Game

To provide an innovative alternative to traditional music learning, our team developed a game-prototype to teach relative pitch to an audience of both musicians and nonmusicians.

FRED: Firefighting Remote Exploration Device

This project uses robotics to provide a real-time heat map of a buildings complex, unpredictable layout to prevent the risk of injury or death for Firefighters.

Other Projects

Give me Love

February 2021

Vue Meatify

February 2021

Ben's Wildlife Reserve

December 2020


December 2020

TicTacToe AI

November 2020

Sensor Display with the ATMega2560

September 2020

Digital Oscilloscope with a Real-Time Embedded System

March - May 2019

AWS Rana Scheduler App

November - December 2018

Klotski Application

November 2018

Quadcopter and Hook Mechanism CAD

August - October 2018

Thermistor Controlled LED Blinker PCB

November 2018

Moving block, Wave generation and Testing using FPGAs

September 2018

Light Sensor and VGA monitor Display using FPGAs

September 2018

Autonomous Robot Navigation

March - May 2018

Robotic Elbow Manipulator

January - March 2018

Gomoku Artificial Intelligence

January - March 2018

Electric Car Battery Charger

December 2017